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Girl Friend Experience


Wither you are seeking to sooth aching muscles or take a step out of a busy schedule a massage with me may be just the boost you are looking for. It will leaving you invigorated, reenergised and ready to take on the world. As you step into my haven I will pamper you into a luxuriously relaxed sate, that fades away any stresses or worries. All massages with me come with a "happy ending" of your choice..


I have a range of beautiful oils and lotions for you to enjoy. Amongst my lotions and potions I have a collection of essential oils. Essential oils are prized for there unique and individual properties and their ability to promote various states of being.


If you are seeking more intimate, stimulating and erotic massage why no treat yourself to one of my NURU massages. Relax back whilst I cover you in authentic and organic NURU gel.. then enjoy the sensations as I slip and slide my naked body over yours whilst I massage you into erotic bliss.

Intimacy & Massage

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A Girlfriend Experience (GFE), is a service for gentlemen seeking a more intimate connection. I invite you to come a little closer, to feel me touch and caress you, as well as giving you the thrill of being with a extremely sexual, seductive and erotic woman..


With me you will experience the best of both worlds, the heady rush of endorphins you get when you first meet someone as well as the connection you have with a long term sexual partner. A Girlfriend Experience with me can involve companionship if that is what you desire. It could be companionship in the form of company for a dinner date, to see a show or other places where you might prefer me to accompany you.


I am a genuinely empathetic woman and a great listener so if you want to talk, share any burdens or interests with me I will be there to listen to you and offer you the care and conversation you may be seeking.

Kink & Fetsih 


Have you always had desires that are outside the "norm"? Are you seeking to explore your deepest fantasies? Perhaps you are experienced and looking for someone just as kinky as yourself who can take you deeper and to the edge.


Let's just be honest.. almost everyone has some secret fetish, fantasy or kinky desire. Something in the back of their mind (or tucked away in the back of a closet) that they are yearning to share. I cater for a whole array of fetishes, desires and fantasies. My approach can be as soft as silk as I take control and dominate.. however I can also be hard and cold if that is what you desire.


I am passionately devoted to the arts of BDSM, fetish, kink. I will instruct you to explore the arts of domination, where the line between pleasure and pain blurs, where you can explore your fantasies and go where you may not have dared venture before.

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